The National Videogame Museum is taking a live island tour of its Animal Crossing exhibit


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The Animal Crossing Diaries is an online exhibit covering the final years of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons pandemic, telling the stories of gamers, parents, and archivists who played the game.

It is hosted by the National Videogame Museum, a UK-based museum that, of course, deals with video games. To celebrate that the diaries are live, they are currently doing a live tour of their island explaining what the project means to them, how they reached out to people and why they decided to do it.

We’re live with our Animal Crossing Online Exhibition (Island) Tour in just 30 minutes!

Join our curators @carmineclaire, @EmilyRMarlow, @MPenningtor and @LeahDungay on YouTube:

– The National Video Game Museum (@nvmuk) September 23, 2021

Join in for a more relaxed live experience ahead of today’s Nintendo Direct!

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