This extensive Skyrim mod lets you build a group of deeply customizable followers



Thanks to the dedicated and talented community of the decade-old role-playing game, we are never short of new Skyrim mods. But every now and then a new mod rolls around that knocks our socks off – and the new Follower Framework mod from Netherworks looks like it could be one of them. It is an extremely impressive and “resource-efficient” add-on that allows you to take up to ten companions with you on your adventures and gives the experience a real immersive depth with many customization options.

Nether’s mod has a lot going for it, and it’s impressively far-reaching and deep in scope. The framework is essentially a “multi-follower framework that saves game resources and gives you the choice between animal or humanoid companions,” as the modder explains, which offers a variety of customizable and customizable functions.

It has a “robust” MCM menu that lets you tweak options in various areas of the game, like sandboxing, riding and riding support, combat, movement, control, actions, and – well, you get the drift.

Here are some examples. You can create and manage up to ten “home bases” for your many comrades-in-arms – places they will return to when you fire them, where you can set up and rename “places to work and relax” for them, and (many) followers in between move. You can set up companions with their own (customizable) horses that the mod will spawn for them. You can assign healer or tank roles and one of ten fighting styles to your companions. You can choose to revive them with healing potions, reduce the quarrels between your groups, and turn off “Bleeding Restoration” during battles.

Then there are things like stopping the “blank babble” from the followers you like, improving their stealth AI outside of combat, which means they won’t start fights or talk and stay around. You can learn skills from them – like you can from NPCs in Skyrim without a follower – and get retaliatory by teaching them things like spells. You can change their morale and crime behavior, give them orders, and even set their outfits and equipment.

Perhaps most impressive of these features is that the framework adds a “Regard System” – a relationship-based mechanic that appears to earn you the respect of your followers as you adventure with them that “adds some skills and perks.”

As you can probably tell, this framework was designed to “provide companion features that are familiar and useful, but also engaging and interesting,” but the modder explains that it is also “compatible with as many other mods as possible, so” that you can use it alongside your favorites. ”So you should be able to get it working alongside other mods that you have a preference for. Nice stuff.

There’s a lot to read regarding the features of the framework, so head over to Nexus Mods (here for Special Edition; here for the basic version of the game) if you want to learn more about the mod and maybe grab it for yourself. Read the modder’s instructions and notes carefully so that it works smoothly, and enjoy building your gang of cheerful men and women.

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