Sadie Robertson’s baby left the hospital after RSV treatment


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Sadie Robertson greets baby # 1 with Christian Huff

TO UPDATE: On Saturday, September 18th, Sadie Robertson posted on Instagram photos of her 4 month old daughter, Honey James Huff, smiled and said her baby was discharged from hospital after being treated for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common childhood disease that can be fatal to infants.

“YALL WE’RE GOING HOME !!!! (YAY), ”wrote the Duck Dynasty star. “4 days in the hospital and this girl is delighted to go home! She still has a strong cough, but her oxygen was good enough to get better from home 🙂 we are so grateful! Thank you for everyone who prayed for us … we really felt your prayers! We didn’t expect to come home today so we are very happy. Thank you God! “

The reality star added, “I also pray for the parents who have children in the hospital that your grieving heart will feel held, your fearful heart will find deep peace, and your sad heart will find joy in the little moments of love.”


Sadie Robertson shares the health issues her four-month-old daughter Honey James Huff has been struggling with privately.

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