How the ordinary Joe star made James Wolk rethink his own life


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‚ÄúThere was a moment when I pursued art like rock star Joe? Did I follow the path that is maybe a little more traditional, like Jura or Joe the cop is? Or do I stay in Michigan? a time when there were three different paths, and [the question was] ‘Where am I going?’ Thank goodness I chose the arts because here I am. “

But in everyday life, when he’s not thinking carefully about the concept of his own show, “what if” is no longer a question he is really asking. He says he thinks less about the other avenues he could have gone because he’s married, he has two children, and is busy on the path he’s taken.

Life, he says, is full of “new hubs,” like when an actor signs up for a new show. Maybe if Ordinary Joe gets the audience the way Wolk imagines it, he won’t need a new hub for at least a couple of seasons.

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