Bishop Sycamore: ESPN fake team coach says: “We are not a school” | US sports


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The team’s coach, who appeared in a nationally broadcast game on ESPN, claimed its founding wasn’t really high school.

Bishop Sycamore was a game to be played between two schools with the best university prospects and underwent major testing in the United States after being cut 58-0 by the IMG Academy. That’s certainly the case with IMG Academy, but due to Bishop Sycamore’s embarrassing performance, ESPN’s own commentators have questioned the legality of the school.

Some players had to share their helmets during the game, but ESPN commentators expressed concern about the safety of soccer players during the competition. The Ohio High School Athletic Association later stated that the school “was unable to validate eligibility for physical locations, exercise facilities, and rosters,” and it emerged that one of Bishop Sycamore’s listed addresses was the academic library. .. The other was a training facility with no classroom. Talented gamers are reportedly seduced by Bishop Sycamore through a Netflix documentary promise, but they just discovered there weren’t any buildings or lessons, let alone TV shows.

On Monday, a man posing as Bishop Sycamore’s new coach said the school is not what it looks like.

“We don’t offer a curriculum,” Tyren Jackson told WCMH-TV. “We are not a school. It is not what Bishop Sycamore is, and I think it was the biggest misunderstanding about us and it was our fault. It was wrong handling of paperwork. Because it was … “

Bishop Sycamore submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, which defines itself as ” [sic] “Innovative academic accredited schools” and “one of the best academic institutions in the country”.

Roy Johnson, a former coach on the team, has been the subject of fraud investigations and at least three investigations. He was also the subject of an arrest warrant for failing to appear in domestic violence cases. A former Bishop Sycamore player also claimed to have borrowed his game from Madden’s video game series. Johnson was fired last week.

Andre Peterson, the founder of Bishop Sycamore, denied the fraud. “If it’s a scam and the kids aren’t going to school and they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do, I’m literally cheating on myself,” Peterson told The Columbus Dispatch. .. “And most of all, I hurt my son.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has ordered an investigation into the matter.

Bishop Sycamore: ESPN fake team coach says: “We are not a school” | US sports

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