The token of the HCS Whiskey Fund is recovering. What about WAL?


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The token of the HCS Whiskey Fund is recovering. What about WAL?

The HCS Whiskey Fund launched its native utility token HCS on August 1, 2021. Sales will end on September 30, 2021. HCS is currently one of the top tier tokens on the market and its popularity is growing. The total supply of tokens is 4,990,100, but not all of them are for sale. The company accepts USD in exchange for HCS.

The founding team designed the HCS Whiskey Fund to enable greater exposure to Fine Scottish Whiskey as an asset class. The fund offers lower barriers to entry through fractional ownership. In addition, HCS investors and token holders benefit from the diversification by investing in a multi-barrel portfolio. You will also have more liquidity via secondary market trading as the company uses blockchain to raise funds through the Digital Asset Token Offering.

The team wanted the fund to have a stable source of funding for a long-term buy and hold strategy. To achieve this goal, they used a closed structure together with SEA’s leading independent bottler (IB), the expertise of Howard Cai.

HCS uses the Howard Cai® Selected brand and the existing distribution network of high-end restaurants, casino hotels and duty-free shops. As a result, the company can maximize the final sale price of assets.

In addition, it offers more security and transparency through FinTech and the traditional Cayman SPC structure. The company has great potential and has been very successful so far. Hence the interest of investors in it. The value of HCS tokens is likely to increase significantly over time, which will bring many benefits to its holders.

What about the BeWhale token?

WHALE is another hot token that is currently available at the ICO price. Sales began on September 9, 2021 and will end on October 30, 2021. The company aims to raise $ 125,000 by trading its native tokens. 1 WHALE costs $ 0.0016 during the Initial Coin Offering. The total number of tokens is 100,000,000. BeWhale will distribute the coins within 48 hours of the end of the ICO sale. The platform now accepts USD, TRX and BNB in ​​exchange.

BeWhale is based on the Binance Smart Chain and is a robust de-protocol. It enables users to issue, trade and manage synthetic assets.

The company also supports various synthetic commodities such as gold and silver, as well as cryptocurrencies, crypto indices and synthetic currencies. It essentially brings non-blockchain-based assets into the Defi ecosystem and, as a result, helps create a more mature financial market.

BeWhale’s architecture enables users to trade digital assets on the bsc network. The latter is a protocol that enables synthetic assets to be output on the Binance blockchain.

The working basis of the BeWhale ecosystem combines four complex systems. The team developed these systems to manage, trade, share, verify, and expand the ecosystem. There is BeWhale Network, BeWhale Finance, and BeWhale Club. Each of them offers different advantages to its users.

How does the BeWhale network work?

The BeWhale network is the management system that includes all subordinate systems. It also plays the role of the generator of the blockchain’s smart contracts.

According to the team, synthetic tokens provide access and leverage on the asset without going through the tedious process of actually buying the asset. They are also cheaper to hold compared to real asset-backed tokens. Synthetic tokens offer censorship resistance. Asset-backed tokens cannot offer this due to custodian bank restrictions. The BeWhale network gives its users access to synthetic tokens and all the benefits they offer.

$ Bwale token holders manage the BeWhale network in a fair and transparent manner. Each token holder can propose a change to the protocol as well as vote on existing proposals. Hence, the role of the platform’s native tokens includes acting as an incentive for liquidity providers and being a governance vehicle for the DeFi infrastructure.

In addition, BeWhale uses smart contracts to accumulate and generate value by exchanging and staking tokens. Such a system offers an affordable investment solution and reduces the need for a large investment to generate more value.

The BeWhale team built the financial side of its ecosystem on a derivative contract that manages, manages, governs and enables trust between investors and markets. The purpose of the contract is to manage the company’s financial ecosystem and return some of the investments to the token holders in various forms.

Investors can exchange the tokens through smart contracts based on the Binance blockchain system. However, there are administration fees for each operation, which are distributed among the token holders in 4 different ways. 4% goes to liquidity, 2% to the owners, 2% for marketing, 2% for reinvestment and 10% slippage returns to the WHALE owners. The team wants the BeWhale token to create value for its owners through reinvestments.

MINT offers sports fans interesting advantages

STEM is an exchange platform that allows every sports team to have their own virtual currency. The company launched the ICO of STEMX tokens on August 1, 2021. However, the first phase ends on September 30, 2021. The price is $ 0.01 per STEMX during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 15,000,000. According to the team, 55% goes for investments and ICO, 5% for liquidity, another 5% for reserves and 35% for development. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, USD, TRX, USDT and WAVES in exchange for their native token.

Each token on the STEM platform has its own cost. The team explained that the platform defines token cost using clear indicators like team performance statistics, team player cost, rating, and others. Based on this data, the company defines criteria for token emissions and costs. In addition, all indicators are available to every internet user. So users can also try to calculate the possible cost of the token.

The better the team plays, the higher its indicators are. Therefore, its tokens are becoming more expensive. It also works the other way around. As the team’s stats deteriorate, their tokens get cheaper.

Thanks to such a system, users can predict changes in the token price by analyzing and predicting the results of the game for future games. As a result, they will make money as the token price goes up and down.

This mechanism gives sports fans more confidence and helps avoid the risk of losing all of their money if the team loses the game. Even though the token cost can decrease if the indicators worsen, it can still return to or even exceed the original price in the future.

What is the mission of the project?

STEM aims to create a safe environment for all sports lovers and enable them to make money by simply getting into the world of sports. The team created this platform for market participants who are also active fans of various sports, as well as regular players.

Users can also view news, sports team analysis and predictions on the platform without registering. You can also watch the rise and fall of the token costs of different sports teams and communicate in the club chat and connect with the users on the other platforms. Everyone can see all applications of the share as a graphic. The latter shows all price movements in the market.

However, registered users can also take part in bets, deposit or withdraw money within the exchange and even make their own requests to buy or sell tokens.

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