Lebanon: Media say Diab, former prime minister under investigation, has fled to the US


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(ANSAmed) – BEIRUT, 15 SET – Lebanon media reported that former Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab fled to the United States to avoid interrogation by the Beirut prosecutor investigating the explosion in the port of Beirut August 2020, in which over 200 people died.

“Diab fled to the US to officially visit his children,” said Lebanese television broadcaster al Jadid (NewTV) on Wednesday, confirming earlier reports from other Beirut media outlets.

Judge Tareq Bitar had repeatedly invited Diab, who resigned as prime minister in August 2020, to an interrogation.

Diab was placed on a list of nine senior institutional officials investigated on allegations of not doing enough to prevent the disaster, despite knowing of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate in the port, which eventually exploded on August 4 last year .

The formation of the new Lebanese government under Najib Miqati was finally announced on Friday.

Diab, who had enjoyed institutional immunity as the resigning Prime Minister, had repeatedly ignored invitations to interrogation by the public prosecutor’s office. (ANSAmed).

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