AOC blames Trump and his “racist” policies for the chaos in Afghanistan


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The MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Thursday evening on MSNBC blamed former President Donald Trump for the chaos in Afghanistan and said that his “extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policy” was responsible for the crisis there.

Joy Reid asks AOC

“We used to have an annual limit of 231,000 people under Ronald Reagan. There is no moderate number, ”said host Joy Reid.

“George W. Bush 70,000. Under President Obama there were 85,000. Under Trump 15,000, ”she continued. “We had former members of the government standing up and talking about Stephen Miller who ended up essentially waging a rhetorical war on the idea of ​​Afghans coming here.”

“We saw people on another network calling them intruders,” added Reid. “So there is another side to this. There is another side that none of them want here. So do you think that the politics of involving more people is being challenged by this xenophobic attitude that we are observing? “

AOC accuses Trump

“It is no secret that the Trump administration pursued extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policies,” Ocasio-Cortez replied. “When we look at the turmoil of what’s happening now, we have to ask ourselves one of the questions – Afghanistan is a responsibility and it rests on the shoulders of virtually every president since George W. Bush.”

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“One of the things we see, what did the Trump administration do when they weren’t pre-evacuated under the SIV program, these Afghan interpreters and nationals and allies?” She continued.

“It is thanks to Stephen Miller and his rhetoric and xenophobia of the Trump administration that we could have evacuated many thousands of Afghans much earlier than this year,” added Ocasio-Cortez.

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AOC wants to receive 200,000 Afghan refugees with visas

This came after Ocasio-Cortez called for at least 200,000 visas to be issued to Afghan refugees. She quickly added that, according to Yahoo News, “any amount that is required” should be considered.

“I think we have to move and the administration needs to move as quickly as possible and as far as possible to ensure that we increase the number of refugee visas to the required amount,” she said. “I would say the bottom is around 200,000, but I think it should be all that is needed … and that needs to be sped up as quickly as possible.”

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