Ron DeSantis is even crazier than Trump



Fortunately, Donald Trump is not in office. And some may have hoped that the COVID situation would get better with him. Unless it didn’t get any better.

Governors in red states had tried their best to emulate Trump by fighting any form of COVID containment. And Ron DeSantis fought harder than anyone else. This has led Florida to become the epicenter of COVID-19.

Howard Dean, once the governor of Vermont, didn’t care much about DeSantis. In fact, he says the Florida governor is even crazier than Donald Trump.

Dean made the comments during an appearance on Ari Melber’s MSNBC show on Friday. He said to the host:

Well I am shocked by DeSantis. I never thought I’d say that, but I think he may be more of a lunatic than T.Hull ever was. Trump is finally coming over thinks the best he can doing for his supporters is get vaccinated them. And DeSantis is completely out of reach with reality. I am not sure what he might be thinking now that you’ve got more than half the population that is in school Districts that refuse long before the court said so was okay, more than half that People in Florida’s school Districts said no. We don’t care, shut up and go one way. This guy is not – if you are Governor, you can’t do that. “


Dean continued: “this husband risks the lives of his children. We’ll have dead children following DeSantis in these counties across Florida. It’s outrageous. I have never seen a governor from either party behave like this. It’s almost as if he doesn’t care who has to die as long as he’s re-elected. “

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