Brock Lesnar confronts Roman Reigns on his return and fans love it


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Brock Lesnar returns at Summerslam (Photo: Instagram)

The week was really great for all pro wrestling fans. CM Punk, Becky Lynch and now Brock Lesnar – three of the biggest names have returned. And the most unexpected one is definitely the beast incarnate.

Brock made a surprise return at Summerslam 2021. It was really a shock as many insiders said the beast doesn’t have to sign a deal with WWE just yet. It definitely worked a lot as fans go crazy speculating about his future bookings.

For the inexperienced, Roman Reigns and John Cena had a Universal Championship fight. “The Leader” maintained its dominance by beating Cena in a nerve-wracking thriller. Brock Lesnar’s Bada ** theme, however, made us all jump off our couches and hit the titantron. Brock looked really epic in a new Viking hairstyle and beard. And that ovation, man!

Brock Lesnar confronted Roman Reigns in the ring, embarking on a title fight. Now fans are calling Brock’s new avatar a babyface twist and are bloody excited to see him in action against Heel Roman.

The following are the reactions of the fans:

Brock Lesnar is back, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT WWE! #SummerSlam

– Fiending for followers‼ ️ (@ Fiend4FolIows) August 22, 2021

SUPLEX CITY B! TCH !!! Brock Lesnar is backkkk ohh hell yeahhhhh !!!!! #SummerSlam

– Meli (na AnaMelissa15) August 22, 2021

Is anyone still looking forward to seeing Paul Heyman in a pole match? #SummerSlam

– Lovell Porter (@AboveAverageLLP) August 22, 2021

The BEAST killed John Cena, now you’re the next novel Reigns🤗👀👀👀🔥😂 #summerslam

– JUST CALL ME SAM (@myPLANETSonly) August 22, 2021

Are you looking forward to the feud between Lesnar and Reigns? Share it with us through comments.

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