Dave Bautista agrees that Donald Trump doesn’t sleep with Ron DeSantis


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Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista flogged on the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis on the 2024 Republican presidential candidate’s likely plans to withhold pay from school officials attempting to stop the spread of the governor’s beloved COVID-19 virus with masking duties. Bautista, who expanded his long-standing feud with fellow WWE Hall of Famers Donald Trump after Trump was pinned cleanly by Joe Biden in the main event of the 2020 PPV election and also lost his rematch during the failed coup attempt on the 6th. “

Dave Bautista doesn’t love Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an ally of Bautista’s mortal enemy, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump

It was a report of DeSantis ‘threat to block school board members and headmasters’ salaries that aroused Bautista’s anger.

BREAKING: The governor’s office is now threatening to withhold the salaries of superintendents and school board members who impose masked mandates.

– Aaron Parnas (@AaronParnas) August 9, 2021

This prompted The Animal to reply:

Wtf ?! No Floridian should agree to this. #DeathSantis is drunk and out of control. I mean, how bad must Florida be before this asshole decides it might be a good idea to try to save lives? And that demands the minimum! Just try it! 🤬 https://t.co/w3WgfmaGhh

– Tormented AF! #TeamPfizer Poor child on the hunt for dreams. (@DaveBautista) August 9, 2021

Bautista also agreed with one of his followers who said that no matter how hard DeSantis tries to please Donald Trump, DeSantis will not have sex with DeSantis.

In particular, Bautista supported a school principal who prescribed masks despite DeSantis’ warning.

Florida’s capital and county @LeonSchools have just mandated Class K-8 masks.

Thank you Superintendent Rocky Hanna.

– Nikki Fried (@NikkiFried) August 9, 2021

Although it’s unclear whether Bautista was wrong Rocky Hanna for his colleague Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Bautista replied:

If Rocky loses a paycheck, I’ll lose mine! I can’t believe #DeathSantis! 🤬Thank you for taking care of the kids. Have a 13 year old with an 8 year old little brother in Tampa and their mother has severely compromised immune systems from years of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. #stressed https://t.co/qD2oL4Z0is

– Tormented AF! #TeamPfizer Poor child on the hunt for dreams. (@DaveBautista) August 9, 2021

At the time of going to press, Governor DeSantis hadn’t responded to Bautista’s tweets, but as always, we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation and will keep you informed if anything changes.

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