Trump’s nightmare comes true when Merrick Garland DOJ orders the Treasury Department to file its tax returns



Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice just made Trump’s life much worse by ordering his tax returns to be turned over to Congress.

That Justice Department says The Treasury Department is required to submit former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee, apparently ending a lengthy legal showdown over the records.

In a memo on Friday, the judiciary’s lawyer said the chairman of the committee “gave sufficient reasons to request the former president’s tax information” and that federal law “requires the Treasury Department to submit the information to the committee.”

The memo was signed by Dawn Johnsen, who is Biden’s acting head of legal counseling.

This is the nightmare Trump is trying to avoid.

The problem for Trump is that once Congress has the tax returns, nothing will stop the House Ways and Means Committee from making them public by making them public.

As soon as Trump’s tax returns are public, nothing stands in the way of a state where he has done business from investigating the former president for criminal activities such as banking and tax fraud.

The House Ways and Means Committee sued the IRS and Treasury Department for Trump’s 2019 tax returns, but the Biden administration won’t be part of a Trump cover-up.

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