Kitaria Fables is Zelda meets Stardew Valley



The mix of farm games and more adventurous RPG games has been around for years and goes back to Rune Factory’s version of the Harvest Moon formula. Now, the wave of digital farming is heading in the same direction after Stardew Valley, and Kitaria Fables is a particularly charming example of the movement – and it’s coming very soon.

Kitaria Fables will be released on September 2nd on Steam for PC as well as for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and Switch. The game puts you in control of a customizable feline adventurer who wants to restore peace to the land by investigating some magical secrets.

The classless combat system lets you fight monsters with your choice of weapons and equipment and freeze or burn your opponents with elemental magic as required. Between trips, you’ll build a farm, collect resources, and learn about side quests from the locals. There is also a co-op mode in which a second player can take part in your adventure.

You can check out a full overview of the game below or dive into a free demo on Steam.

The Stardew Valley-inspired farm RPG revival of my youth continues to be a source of joy.

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