Nintendo Gigaleak reveals discarded DS projects, including a new Pokémon pinball game


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As you’ve probably seen this week, the Nintendo ‘Gigaleak’ from last year has re-emerged. The second round of leaks in the past few days has revealed early Wii remote concepts, confirmed Retro’s abandoned Zelda game, and also confirmed Nintendo’s plans for a Metroid title from Intelligent Systems.

The latest update released information about various retired Nintendo DS projects, including details of a new one Pokemon pinball Title. This would have been the first entry in the Pocket Monster pinball line since the Game Boy Advance generation. According to the leak, that particular entry – targeting a 2006 release – was made by the Metroid Prime pinball and Super Mario Ball Developer Fuse and would have offered Wi-Fi support.

ResetEra user MondoMega has re-shared this information, along with details on various other abandoned Nintendo DS projects, including a portable version of the GameCube first-person shooter ghost, a suggestion from the creator of Magic the Gathering and additional data for the New Super Mario Bros. Game. Here is the recap of Nintendo Everything:

-Rhythm Tengoku is listed as ‘RIQ’ (the full working title is known as Rhythm IQ). In the game notes it says: “The songs will be rewritten for this game, so OK for the whole world”.
-Elite Beat Agents was once known as Super Sonic Agents.
-Pokemon Pinball is listed as a DS title with Wi-Fi support. Developer is ‘FUSE’. The aim of the publication was September 2006.
-Ghost DS is listed. Had played online.
-Glove DS.
-A game called ‘PLUCKER’ developed by ‘NIGHTLIGHT’. Notes: ‘Suggested by Richard Garfield, creator of Magic the Gathering. A strategy game that replaces card games with figures.
‘Digitylish DS’. There were plans to bring the series to DS before DSiWare existed.
-Soma Bringer was once known as Angelic Soma and included online games. The game was originally supposed to be ready in September 2006.
-Banjo and Conker are replaced by Dixie and Tiny in Diddy Kong Racing DS, which NCL specifically notes.
– There were some considerations to have NoA and NoE Contact localized and published (by Grasshopper Manufacture). The table describes it as “mother-like”.
– They considered revising the character designs for Magical Starsign’s North American localization.
-In the New Super Mario Bros. Notes it is explicitly stated that “Planned to distribute additional data for new courses over Wi-Fi”. Also mentions reusing the Super Mario 64 DS mini-games.
-Digitylish DS had “two prototypes in the works” and Skip “was thinking about other projects in parallel”. It has been suggested that they “extend the prototype period by 6 months to explore a new business model”; possibly an early reference to DSi Shop.
-At the time this document was prepared, online play was not really restricted to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl; mentioned as consideration.
-There were many working titles and early names. Most are “franchise names” then DS or [number of installment]; Chibi-Robo DS, Jump Super Stars 2, Mario vs. Donkey Kong DS, Yoshi’s Island 2, Kirby DS, Burabura Donkey DS, etc. Some publicly known early titles were also used here, such as Detect Hacker (Project Hacker), Wish Zimmer ( Hotel Dusk) and Eternal Chronicle (glory of Heracles). There is also ‘Game Fortune Bag’ (Clubhouse Games) and Marionation Gear (Chosoju ​​Mecha MG).

MondoMega also shared additional details on some GameCube projects. Donkey Kong barrel explosion and Super Paper Mario were originally listed as GameCube versions. Captain rainbowAs mentioned earlier, it was also listed as a GameCube title, and NCL didn’t want sockets inout Chibi-Robo be localized.

Interested in a Pokémon Pinball game for the Nintendo DS? How about a ghost game on the dual-screen handheld? Leave your thoughts below.

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