Samsung will be the first to use the new Gorilla Glass DX for cell phone cameras


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  • Corning has launched two new types of Gorilla Glass to protect smartphone cameras.
  • Samsung will be the first smartphone brand to adopt Corning’s new technology.
  • The new gorilla glass composites promise improved scratch resistance for telephone cameras while maintaining image quality.

Corning announced a new set of glass composites to protect smartphone camera lenses. The new Corning Gorilla Glass with DX and Gorilla Glass with DX + were developed to protect smartphone cameras from scratches while capturing more ambient light and minimizing reflections.

According to Corning, Samsung will be the first smartphone vendor to use the new Gorilla Glass DX products for camera lens covers. Incidentally, Samsung was also the first to use another version of Gorilla Glass with DX on the Galaxy Watch in 2018. However, at that time the technology was not yet ready for implementation on smartphone cameras.

To make the new gorilla glass composites effective for phone cameras, Corning promises improved durability compared to traditional anti-reflective coatings without compromising image quality. The company explains how this was achieved in the following video.

“By capturing 98% of the light for the camera lens, our glass composites extend the full capabilities of the camera design and help create high quality images and videos. Our Gorilla Glass DX products offer the industry’s best combination of optical performance and protection for the ultimate consumer experience, ”said Jaymin Amin, vice president and general manager of Corning Gorilla Glass, in a press release shared with Android Authority.

It’s unclear which Samsung phone will be the first to incorporate Corning’s new camera protection, but given the timing of the announcement, we could see the technology land on one of the company’s upcoming foldable phones. We’ll let you know when we have more details.

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