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Trade for a cheaper price in the world’s most popular oil market with the introduction of Micro Crude Oil (MCL) futures from CME Group. Micro Crude Oil Futures are 1/10 the size of the standard crude oil contract (CL) and offer traders access to the highly liquid crude oil market at a fraction of the cost with increased flexibility.

You can only trade these exciting new contracts through NinjaTrader $ 100 intraday margin!

Top Reasons to Trade Micro Crude Oil Futures

  • Scale exposure – Aim for opportunities and scale exposure to the crude oil market with a small contract size.
  • Heavily leveraged investment – Take advantage of the leverage of futures trading to control a larger contract value with your capital.
  • Financial efficiency – The small contract size and low margin requirements are ideal for those looking to reduce financial risk.
  • Variety of positions – Add more flexibility for position management to your trading strategies with microcontracts.

Trade Micro Crude Oil with NinjaTrader

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