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A federal judge is considering fines or other sanctions against some of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys who signed a lawsuit against Michigan’s election results last year.

The widespread fraud suit was voluntarily dropped after a December judge found nothing but “speculation and guesswork” that votes for Trump were somehow destroyed or changed to votes for Joe Biden, who won Michigan by 2.8 percentage points.

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the City of Detroit now want plaintiffs and a number of lawyers, including Trump allies Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood, to face the consequences they claim recklessly.

“It was never a matter of winning on the basis of claims, but rather (the) purpose was to undermine the integrity of the election results and people’s trust in the electoral process and in the government,” said a court file from the Attorney General.

Detroit District Judge Linda Parker will hold a videoconference hearing on Monday.

There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 elections. In fact, election officials from both parties have publicly stated that the elections went well and international observers confirmed that there were no serious irregularities.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of six Republican voters who wanted Parker to decertify Michigan election results and confiscate voting machines. The judge refused, calling the motion “impressive in its scope and breathtaking in its scope”.

The case appeared to be handled primarily by attorneys from the Detroit area. But the lawsuit also bore the names of Powell, Wood, and four other attorneys outside Michigan.

The roles of Powell and Wood are unclear; they never made a formal appearance on the case, according to the files. But they were targeted in the motion for penalties.

Whitmer and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, also a Democrat, want the state to receive at least $ 11,000 in legal fees. Detroit urges the judge to surrender any monies attorneys raised through a post-election fundraiser. The city also wants lawyers in their respective states to face disciplinary hearings.

In response, lawyer Stefanie Lambert Junttila insisted that there was plenty of evidence to support the lawsuit.

“They are a new form of political retribution,” she said of possible sanctions. “Such abuse of law has no place in this court and is contrary to the law to which it is hypocritically invoked.”

In New York, Rudy Giuliani was suspended from the bar for making false statements in trying to get the courts to overturn Trump’s defeat.


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