Jim Acosta beats Greg Abbott for feeding himself into Trump’s alternate reality and saving him from answering questions



While most presidents spend their first year in office under the radar, Donald Trump did not. The former president, desperate for admiration, holds political rallies again.

Trump performed in Texas on Wednesday when Greg Abbott announced expansions to the state’s border wall. The governor’s team made sure to protect the former president from questions from non-conservative reporters. During one night segment, Jim Acosta poked at Abbott for interfering with Trump’s delusions.

The reporter told Poppy Harlow: “We spent a day trapped in Trump’s alternate reality about the 2020 election. He was down here to meet with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to discuss Abbott’s plan to spend $ 250 million on the border wall to fill gaps in Trump’s border wall which were not completed during the Trump administration. “

Acosta continued:

“Abbott’s people went out of their way to prevent reporters from asking questions of the former president, so at that event at the border wall, there was silence for a few seconds and I tried to ask the question, ‘Sorry for this, what happened in january? .6.? ‘ Trump knew what was going on. He looked straight at me and didn’t answer. At this point we heard boos from the crowd, but remember, this isn’t a crowd from Trump supporters. This was a bunch of Republican House members who fell out of the January 6th vote for the special committee that House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi proposed instead to kiss Trump’s ring in Texas. Another example of the Republican side not promoting profiles on Capitol Hill. “

Check out a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

Jim Acosta beats up Greg Abbott for interfering with Trump’s alternate reality and saving him from answering questions. pic.twitter.com/mf2i6V9Yml

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