Michael Cohen says prosecutors have the evidence to indict Trump



Michael Cohen said prosecutors don’t need Weisselberg to work together because they already have the documents to indict Trump.

Daniel Goldman speculated on Twitter that prosecutors need Weisselberg to work together, but Cohen replied:

Not correct! You have documents that prove more than you should know or comment on. Weißelberg is not the key to a Trump indictment. https://t.co/YzFp7DHSvl

– Michael Cohen (@ MichaelCohen212) June 29, 2021

Prosecutors would love to have Weisselberg working together because he can add a human voice and explanations to the documents and evidence for the jury, but the idea that Donald Trump will go with Weisselberg doesn’t cooperate with what the overwhelming amount of evidence that has there have been collected suggests that will happen.

The former president is a micromanager who doesn’t trust his fellow man enough to give them responsibility. Trump’s fingerprints are, figuratively, likely to be found on every aspect of his business.

Michael Cohen would know about the evidence against Trump because he’s worked with prosecutors and he’s one of the main reasons they have the documents in the first place.

Prosecutors follow the same strategy used to end organized crime operations. You want to gather as many witnesses as possible and isolate the main target of the investigation, in this case Donald Trump.

The first indictment is phase one. The focus of the investigation remains bank and tax fraud, target is Donald J. Trump.

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