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US lawmakers are introducing bills to reverse the big tech monopoly

In order to question and reverse the monopoly of big tech, the US legislature tabled five bipartisan bills in the US Congress on Friday. If these bills are passed and turned into law, it will have a profound impact on the way large tech companies operate. Big tech companies include Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. To learn more about this news, click here.


Chinese rover Zhurong takes a historical selfie

China’s first rover on the Red Planet likely did something NASA’s rover hasn’t done before. Take a nice selfie on a red planet. Yes, the Chinese rover Zhurong did this unique act. This makes him the first rover to take a selfie on the red planet.


Facebook makes another acquisition in the VR area

It’s no secret that Facebook has been investing quite heavily in the VR & AR space for several years. To keep up with this strategy, the social media giant has just taken over the VR shooter game development studio. The name of the acquired company is BIG Box VR. Facebook has not provided any information on the terms of the deal.


Romania bans Huawei

Photo credit: Flickr Flavio Sartori

Romania is the youngest country to prohibit the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei from participating in the 5G trail. Romanian President Klaus Lohannis signed a law on Friday calling for the Chinese company to be banned for safety reasons. Washington DC has reportedly endorsed this controversial bill.


Amazon will overtake Walmart by 2022

Photo credit: Flickr Alexey M

A JP Morgan survey found that Amazon is well on its way to overtaking Walmart to become America’s largest retailer by 2022. The report claims that Amazon’s GMV is already growing faster than the industry rate, enough to outperform Walmart in the next two years. Amazon is already the largest online retailer in the United States.

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