A Stranger Things cross-promo is on the way to becoming the divine MOBA Smite


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There are plenty of great free-to-play offers on the Nintendo Switch and one that is well worth your time is the divine offer from Hi-Rez Studios Beat.

It made its debut in the eShop in 2019 and the content for it has been rolled out continuously since then. In the latest update, the official social media account is teasing “something” and based on the attached picture, it is a kind of cross-promotion of Stranger Things.

Something is coming … Something hungry for blood! @Stranger_Things is coming to SMITE!

Check out the #SummerGameFest tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. ET for all the details and more information during #GeekedWeek! pic.twitter.com/qDVMYeHkOG

– SMITE (@SMITEGame) June 9, 2021

Stranger Things has done a number of cross-promotions – so it’s no surprise it does another one. Another one we heard about last week was a collaboration with Dead by daylightwhat we have to admit seems far more appropriate.

We’ll see how this crossover of Smite X Stranger Things plays out as more is revealed at the Summer Game Fest.

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