LGBTQ + activists demonstrate for equality ahead of the Tokyo Olympics


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Japanese LGBTQ + groups and activists gathered in Tokyo to fight for equal rights ahead of the upcoming Olympics.

According to a report by The Independent, the numerous activist groups protested in front of the famous Shibuya train station on Sunday (June 6th) to fight for equality for LGBTQ + people.

About 100 people in rainbow face masks carried banners reading “Equality Now” while they danced and called for parliamentary support.

Soshi Matsuoka, an openly gay writer and activist, attended the event and spoke about the importance of the bill.

“We’re not giving up yet. If the legislation is abolished, the life and dignity of sexual minorities could continue to be ignored, ”they said.

“We want each of our voices to be heard.”

In recent years, LGBTQ + activists have urged the country’s conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to campaign for a bill called the Equality Act.

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