Finally a mash-up of Skyrim and The Sopranos



Someone is recreating classic scenes from the Sopranos in Skyrim, and I didn’t think I’d ever write that. Content creator Pertinax brought the two together by cutting characters and dialogues from classic soprano scenes and placing them against the backdrop of Skyrim.

The first showed up a month ago and showed Tony Soprano stumbling out in his bathrobe to fetch the newspaper. However, this time he is in Whiterun and is confronted by Nazeem, who asks him if he comes to the Cloud District very often. Next we have a scene where Christopher Moltisanti and Paulie Gualtieri enter the forest. On the show, they are here to kill and bury a prisoner who is running away. But in the Skyrim version? It is the white deer they are hunting.

We also have a scene where Tony tells Bobby Baccalieri that it is time to “seriously think about salads,” and the two, uh, have a pleasant exchange. It doesn’t change too much in Skyrim, even though we have Tony in front of a vending truck telling Bobby to leave the sweet rolls alone.

My personal favorite so far is a scene where Hesh Rabkin and Chris argue about whether a band is good or not. In the Skyrim mashup, however, we only have bards for our musical preferences, so some are toasted by Hesh. You can catch it below:

Here’s Tony’s first time in Whiterun:

YouTube thumbnail

Chris and Paulie try to hunt the white stag:

YouTube thumbnail

Finally, Tony and Bobby talk about sweet buns:

YouTube thumbnail

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Hell, maybe you prefer the simple life of a bard yourself. Just make sure you practice before you encounter Hesh.

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