Biden tells Republicans that their infrastructure isn’t good enough



President Biden told Senate Republicans that their latest infrastructure offer wasn’t good enough.

In a statement to PoliticusUSA, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said:

The President spoke to Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Chairman Peter DeFazio today.

Senator Capito brought the president a new offer from her group that consisted of an approximately $ 50 billion increase in spending on a number of infrastructure programs. The president thanked them for their efforts and goodwill, but also pointed out that the current offer did not meet his goals of growing the economy, coping with the climate crisis and creating new jobs. He indicated to Senator Capito that he would continue to hire a number of senators from both parties in hopes of reaching a larger package. They agreed to speak again on Monday.

The President also spoke to Chairman DeFazio to thank him for all of his hard work on key elements of the American employment plan and to offer his support for the committee serves that Chairman DeFazio will begin on Wednesday. President and Chairman DeFazio agreed on the benefits of continuing to work with Democratic and Republican senators as the House progresses on infrastructure over the coming week.

This is Biden’s two-pronged strategy in action. The president speaks to Republicans, but also works with Democrats to advance the American employment plan without Republican support.

President Biden is not allowing Republicans to slow down the process. He likes to try to get a bipartisan deal, but he’s also pushing his own agenda and not playing Mitch McConnell’s game of wasting valuable time on pointless negotiations.

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