Check out this: Squeezes and queues as gamers battle to get hold of new Nvidia RTX cards



WTF ?! Do you remember that during the height of the pandemic, people panicked to buy toilet paper and hand sanitizer? That all pales in comparison to the chaos that comes with securing a new graphics card from a physical outlet these days.

We all know graphics card availability issues, the result of an unprecedented pandemic demand, cryptominers and scalpers. That means that on the rare occasions when retail stores have supplies, people show up en masse and flood the store, as shown in the video above.

The PrestonALewis clip (via Kotaku) is filmed in a micro center store in Dallas while people wait for it to open so they can grab the refilled Nvidia cards. An employee tells the waiting mob that he can only buy one card per household and confirms, probably unwise, that there is not enough stock for everyone. At the 3:55 mark of the video, the doors open and all hell breaks loose. Previous warnings that anyone could be caught walking or pushing are seemingly ignored, much like the “Please practice social distancing” signs.

There has been a lot of criticism of Nvidia for releasing the RTX 3080 Ti at a time when trying to address the current scarcity issues. There’s this $ 1,200 MSRP too, although it obviously sells at a much higher price. Even so, the people at Best Buy stood around the block for hours to get one on the start day.

Waiting for an RTX 3080 TI at Best Buy

– JSCarnage (@JSCarnageTV) June 3, 2021

This is all good news for a record-breaking semiconductor industry – as are Nvidia and AMD – and we can expect these scenes to be seen through to next year, when things are likely to improve.

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