Nintendo Switch Pro € 399 retail offer sighted, launch seems imminent


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The Nintendo Switch Pro is hot on the market. A recent report suggested it could be unveiled ahead of the E3 gaming conference. Now two new leaks indicate an imminent launch of the console.

The first leak came from a retail list for the Nintendo Switch Pro. Discovered by Nintend’Alerts (via VGC), the French electronics retailer Boulanger has apparently listed the new machine for 399 euros. We checked said listing on the website and couldn’t find it, but the leakers posted a screenshot of the information they unearthed from the retailer’s database.

Info Nintend’Alerts! The #NintendoSwitchPro console listed in the Boulanger database for 399 €! Not yet visible on the page!

– Nintend’Alerts (@nintendalerts) June 2, 2021

Bloomberg previously reported that the new OLED switch could cost over $ 299, which is how much the original switch cost when it was launched. Analysts believe Nintendo could drive strong demand for the console even at $ 399. However, if the European retail list is correct, we may see an even more expensive console. Alternatively, Nintendo could stick to the 399 number in both Europe and the US.

Meanwhile, the folks at CentroLeaks claim they checked a screenshot from a major retailer’s internal system showing that a new list related to Switch hardware will go live on June 4th. Nintendo has an E3 event scheduled for June 15th, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t look like the new hardware will debut there. Instead, new switch games are to be presented at the event.

Of course, nothing to suggest that the retail list or June 4th publication leak is accurate or even genuine. However, they seem to be consistent with what we’ve heard about the console so far.

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