Lil Dicky targets Doja Cat in the new Dave trailer


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Lil Dicky (also known as David Burd) definitely want to Doja Cat kissing him more.

On Thursday June 3rd, FXX released a new trailer for the second season of their comedy Dave. According to the trailer, the new season will pick up where the first season left off, with Dave’s career on the rise and his personal life a total mess. However, success is not all that matters.

The first glance shows that Dave is struggling with writer’s block and is spending money frivolously. “Last week $ 1,900 on sex supplies instead of making an album,” said Dave’s manager Mike (Andrew Santino) explained in the trailer below.

When the star of the series defends that he has to “apply lotion”, Mike hits back: “Can you apply a little less lotion then?”

Despite this struggle, Dave still has plenty of admirers on the A-list. Case study: Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber can be seen at fangirling about Dave Benny White‘s pool. “Oh my god Benny,” Hailey notes. “You have to bring this guy over more often.”

The KUWTK star and supermodel expresses a similar sentiment, boasting that she is “obsessed with him”.

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