Lara Trump blames the left and the media for believing Trump will be reinstated in the White House



Lara Trump, the failed former president’s daughter-in-law, tried to blame the left and the media for Trump thinking he would be reinstated in the White House.


“As far as I know, there are no plans for Donald Trump to be in the White House in August. Maybe I don’t know something ”- Lara Trump

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar) June 3, 2021

Lara Trump told Fox and Friends, “I think you should take a look at who these networks are and who is spreading this story. As far as I know, Donald Trump will not be in the White House in August. Maybe I don’t know something, Brian, but I think there are a lot of people who get upset about something because maybe there wasn’t enough opposition from the Republicans. “

The reality is that the person who thinks they will return to the White House in August is Donald Trump. The failed former president thinks so because QAnon supporters tell him so.

This story did not come from the left and the media. It came from Trump and his supporters.

Blaming the left and the media is an utter denial of how deeply entangled the QAnon cult is in the Republican Party.

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