The governor of Oklahoma signs bill naming part of a highway after Trump



Legislative designation a section of State Highway 287 from Oklahomas Boise City southeast to the Oklahoma-Texas border as “President Donald J. Trump Highway” will come into effect on November 1st after the state Governor Kevin Stitt (R) passed a new law signed.

Republican lawmakers added the Trump highway proposal to the Oklahoma legislature’s annual omnibus Invoice for naming bridges and motorwayswhich is usually undisputed, ”reported The Oklahoman.

The legislation was briefly derailed after the legislature opposed the removal of. protested a prior provision that A person must have died for three years before part of the highway can be named after them.

New signage will be dated. paid Senate and House of Representatives officials who co-funded the move: “The cost of signage related to Section 4 of this Act will be borne by the authors and co-authors of this Senate and House Act,” the bill states.

You can read the full language of the invoice HERE.

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