House Democrats are investigating the Capitol attack as Republican cover-up flops



In a phone call to the House Democratic faction, Spokesman Pelosi and other leadership discussed options for investigating the Sept.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

Pelosi, on call, told Dems regarding the January 6 investigation that they either:
1) Push for another Senate vote on the commission
2) Create a selection committee
3) Allow existing committees to review on January 6th
4) Make sure that a committee like House Homeland “does the investigation”, per source on call

– Manu Raju (@mkraju) June 1, 2021

The bottom line: House Democrats are ready to investigate January 6th. You’re just trying to clear the structure for it.

– Manu Raju (@mkraju) June 1, 2021

The point here is that the attack on the Capitol will not be dropped and forgotten. The Democrats will see to it that an investigation takes place. You work out which mechanism would be most suitable for the probe.

The decision that spokeswoman Pelosi has to make depends heavily on how much time she wants to spend on the investigation. Transferring the authority of an up-to-date committee would allow them to work faster, but a special committee specializing only in attacking the Capitol might be able to go deeper and have other tools available to learn the truth.

A select committee is also likely to attract more media attention, putting the attack and what is happening around it in a brighter light.

The Democrats will not allow the Republicans to bury 1/6. There will be an investigation and it will likely uncover harmful and damning evidence against the former president and the Republican Party.

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