Which is the better SPAC inventory for space exploration?


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Through the merger of VACQ and Rocket Lab, the combined company was valued at an implied pro forma equity value of $ 4.8 billion. In the investor presentation, Rocket Lab announced that sales of $ 749 million are expected in 2025, which would mean a price-to-sales multiple of 6.4x by 2025.

EBITDA is expected to be positive in 2023 and is expected to achieve EBITDA of $ 168 million in 2025, which is an EV-to-EBITDA multiple of 24.3x in 2025 would mean.

To put this in perspective, Astra expects sales of $ 1.5 billion in 2025 and an EBITDA of $ 694 million this year. That would mean a price-to-sales multiple of 207 of 1.7x, which is lower than Rocket Lab’s. As a result, HOL stock looks like a good buy given its strong growth prospects and attractive valuations.

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