Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is actually just broken, more than 3,000 negative Steam reviews and counts


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Elite Dangerous is massive. It’s so massive that it can be a bit overwhelming for new players. There are spaceships, pirates, massive floating bases, different roles and tasks … the game is a huge space simulator that is basically a scale galaxy for you to explore. Since 2014, the game has received regular updates and DLC expansions.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the latest addition to Elite Dangerous. The DLC does something unthinkable for a space simulator of this size: It takes the player out of space and throws them on foot onto any number of planets. Oh, and some FPS mechanics too.

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Regards commanders,

A hotfix will be deployed tomorrow at 10:00 UTC / 11:00 BST to fix issues in Odyssey and Horizons.

The downtime is expected to be around 30 minutes.

Thank you for your continued support! pic.twitter.com/ube2frX8Am

– Elite Dangerous (@EliteDangerous) May 24, 2021

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Sounds great, although it’s pretty clear Odyssey was undercooked, underprocessed, basically raw, and should have spent at least a few more months in development. The DLC obviously got off to a terrible start. It was rated “Not Recommended” by over 3,000 reviewers on Steam.

Where did it go wrong? First, the mistakes. Despite two quick (ish) hotfixes, Odyssey is still buggy. The movement of the characters is bizarre, the game often crashes while switching between the new gun shops and menus, and even the DLC’s big selling point – the gunplay – sounds weird and has a number of buggy animations.

More about this shoot. The mechanics are … strange. Everyone has their own personal shield (which makes even simple fights a potential grindfest), the guns are all kind of useless, and the feedback from the shooting, including the recoil patterns, is overwhelming.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Frontier’s efforts to incorporate a fully featured FPS game into their space simulator have failed somewhat. They are obviously quite different types of games.

But what upsets the community so much is the fact that this DLC is full price. 40 dollars. 35 euros. It doesn’t matter if you have the original Elite Dangerous Pass. No This is a standalone addition to the game.

Odyssey feels like it is in a testing phase. But you have to pay to play it. There are problems with gun mounts, bioexology’s new role is tedious at best, and tech has reverted to a rather outdated system where the new guns have to be completely changed and upgraded with no changes to be made. These are just a few of the problems.

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The response from the community has been pretty solid. They are not happy. The Frontier CEO recently released a statement about the Frontier forums that they had heard loud and clear and that would continue to make changes.

Elite Dangerous has been in development for several years, and Frontier is pretty good at making changes and running consistent content for the most part. As their flagship DLC for their game, which was recently fully released on consoles, it would be a great opportunity for them to check out their dedicated player base.

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