The Palm Beach prosecutor explains why DeSantis cannot protect Trump from extradition



Donald Trump basically lived in New York City all his life. However, towards the end of his presidency, he announced that he would move to Florida. And he didn’t just choose the weather.

Trump has powerful friends in the state of Florida, including Governor Ron DeSantis. It was even rumored this week that DeSantis could protect the former president from extradition to New York in the event of a criminal complaint.

But Palm Beach County prosecutor Dave Aronberg says the governor lacks the power to protect Trump. He gave the statement during a Sunday interview on CNN.

Host Jim Acosta asked: “Florida prosecutors are starting too Conversations with New York attorneys over the possibility of extraditing T.Hull to New York, if of any kind an indictment comes down. Do you know these conversations? What can you tell us about it? ‘

Aronberg replied:

“I can sort that out. We did not have any talks with prosecutors in New York about the. The story you saw was with that Court clerks and others Officials in the event of a charge happens. There was a story in the new Yorker said that some time ago There are rumors that the Florida governor would try stand in your way Extradition to New York. What is the governor’s power? It really doesn’t exist. He can try to delay it, but be Role is ministerial. New York State can go Court and receive an order to extradite the former president But DeSantis can delay matters. “

Even if DeSantis could protect Trump, it always seemed like a long way to go. We reported earlier this week that Trump was protected from extradition and would not be able to leave the state of Florida.

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