If the rumors of Call Of Duty’s 2021 lack of multiplayer are true, it’s good news for Battlefield 6


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Yesterday in several branches it was reported that Call of Duty 2021 could sacrifice its multiplayer experience in favor of the further development of Warzone. The rumors come from Jeff Grubb, a well-known video game insider, although he himself stated that these reports were shaky at best and should be viewed as nothing more than rumors.

The vague idea behind the rumors is: Apparently, Call of Duty 2021’s multiplayer mode is in such bad shape that a release for Sledgehammer Games, the studio that worked on Call of Duty: WW2, is nothing short of suicide would. If anyone remembers anything about this game, it had pretty bad multiplayer mode when it launched anyway, including split screen bugs, server issues, and matchmaking.

While all of this is happening with Call of Duty 2021, Call of Duty developers have been working hard to bring content to Warzone. If all of this is true … well, it’s amazing news for DICE and Battlefield 6.

It’s happening again. I don’t know about Call of Duty. If you watch the video I say that I have heard some second hand rumors and I cannot confirm them. https://t.co/qqpbMRlx2U

– Jeff Grubb (@JeffGrubb) May 12, 2021

Everyone knows the lifelong battle between Call of Duty and Battlefield, two titans of the genre, and games that usually offer very different gaming experiences. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tried large-scale battles in Ground War mode, but couldn’t match the scale of Battlefield.

Likewise, Battlefield tried to restore the success of Warzone and other Battle Royales with its Fire Storm in BR mode, which like the rest of Battlefield V was not well received.

If this is the first year in decades that Call of Duty doesn’t include a multiplayer mode at launch, Battlefield will have the space it needs to take control of the FPS market by the end of 2021. There will be no competition.

The hype surrounding Battlefield 6 has reached a feverish level. With the news that several major studios are working on the game (DICE, DICE LA, Criterion etc), the fact that there has been very little news about the franchise in the past two years and nothing as exciting is happening with FPS games Right now, fans of the franchise (and newbies alike) are excited to see what Battlefield 6 brings to the table.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Battlefield 6 will manage to fulfill its promises and rumors that are swirling around in the game. However, if there isn’t multiplayer in the next Call of Duty, regardless of how good the game is, the battle may already have been won.

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