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You want to know that the crib mattress you buy for your baby will provide the body support they need.

But it is also crucial that the mattress offers a safe and suitable place to sleep for several years and that it remains hygienic.

Here are our top five expert tips for keeping your baby’s crib mattress in top condition.

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1. Start by buying a new, durable crib mattress

It is important that a crib mattress stays firm so that it provides the support your baby needs for bone growth. When you buy a durable crib mattress, you can be sure that it will provide the support your growing baby will need for years to come.

We carry out durability tests for all cot mattresses that have a useful life of around two to three years. A cot mattress, which is given four or five stars for durability, hardly changes in height and firmness over time.

But how much will a heavy duty crib mattress set you back and are there many out there? In the following you can compare the price and durability values ​​of the 34 cot mattresses that we tested from March 2021.

Shelf life assessment Number of cot mattresses with this score average price
***** 13th £ 124
**** fifteen £ 123
***. 4th £ 111
** **. 2 £ 131
* * 0 – –

This results in two reassuring findings: First, that there is no significant difference in the average price between the durability values, so that the purchase of a durable mattress does not cost more.

Second, 82% of the crib mattresses tested scored four or more stars. So you can be sure that most crib mattresses will last a long time.

In addition to durability, there are other important factors to consider when buying a new cot mattress. According to NHS guidelines, crib mattresses must be firm, flat, and snug against the crib. By doing your research and using our extensive reviews, you can find the best crib mattress for your little one.

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Man measuring a mattress with a tape measure

2. If needed, check in person before buying

We recommend buying new crib mattresses whenever possible, especially if they are going to be used with a newborn baby.

This is also the view of The Lullaby Trust, as research has shown that the likelihood of SIDS is increased when using a used mattress brought from outside the family home, although the link has not yet been proven.

If you need to buy second hand, the risk can be reduced by making sure you know the history of the mattress and checking it out for yourself before parting with cash.

If a reseller doesn’t let you check that a product is safe for your child before paying, we encourage you to look elsewhere.

Use our checklist below to make sure you’ve got the basics covered.

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  • Make sure that the cot mattress was previously protected by a waterproof cover – This will reduce the risk of unhealthy bacteria lurking in the mattress.
  • Test that it is still firm and lying flat with no holes or tears – When you press down there should be resistance and the mattress should spring back immediately after removing your hand.
  • Make sure that the mattress does not sag in places – Otherwise this part of the cot mattress will not provide enough support for your child. If a baby gets face down in the sagging area, there is a risk of suffocation.
  • Make sure it fits in the crib with no gaps around the edges – Take a tape measure and check the length and width of the mattress in several places on the mattress. The standard size of the mattress for a British cot is 140 cm x 70 cm. However, check beforehand the size of the crib mattress your crib needs.
  • Clean the waterproof layer and air dry it thoroughly before reusing the mattress – to make sure it is free of dirt and bacteria before your child uses it.

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Person tearing a cover on a cot mattress

3. Invest in a waterproof cover

It can be an optional purchase, but not all crib mattresses are waterproof. If liquid penetrates the mattress core, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and fester, and makes the mattress unsanitary. If that doesn’t sound good, imagine sleeping on it.

The Lullaby Trust recommends investing in a waterproof cover to make it easier to clean up leaks and spills and to extend the life of your crib mattress.

We test every crib mattress to see how resistant it is to moisture penetrating its inner layers. We have found that some are very good at preventing this from happening, while others allow liquids to pass easily.

Parents with washing machine

4. Change your mattress cover regularly

Since your baby sleeps between 12 and 18 hours a day in the cot, it is important to keep the mattress clean and sterile.

Most parents already do. In our survey of 1,008 parents from February 2019, 59% cleaned the cot mattress at least once a week, if not more regularly.

There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should clean a crib mattress, but it is recommended that you change the cover at least once or twice a week.

Therefore, it is convenient to have replacement covers on hand. We recommend at least three – one for the mattress, one for the laundry and one in case of an accident in the middle of the night.

As part of our laboratory tests, we see how easy it is to clean each mattress. Check out how easy it is to put on and take off a mattress’ removable cover, and check that the cover does not shrink after several washes as this could compress the mattress and create an unsafe gap between the mattress and the bed frame.

Speaking of washing – watch out for mattress covers that say they can be washed at 60 ° C. This will ensure that the laundry is hot enough to kill any germs.

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Vacuum cleaner mattress

5. Maintain and clean your crib mattress properly

  • As with an adult mattress, rotating the cot mattress ensures that it wears evenly. If you turn the cot mattress around once a month by 180 °, no sagging spots can form.
  • Make sure that spills and leaks are cleaned up as soon as you discover them. This keeps your mattress hygienic and germ-free.
  • We would avoid the crib mattress covers due to the chemical content of some chemical cleaning solutions.

How to clean your cot mattress

  1. Remove the mattress cover and wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Vacuum the crib mattress including the sides to remove dust and dead skin
  3. Wipe the mattress with a damp cloth. Check the mattress labels to see if you can use a detergent other than just using warm water.
  4. Let the mattress air dry completely before putting the cover back on. This ensures that bacteria or mold cannot grow.

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