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While there have been plenty of indie games to explore the ideas and themes of space, this time around a banana got involved. From the minds of Scooter Software comes a unique zero gravity banana simulation game called International Space Banana. This unique title brings fruit into the great unknown as a banana floats freely through space in a uniquely frustrating experience.

This title is intended to represent a unique perspective that includes weightlessness physics in a new definition. Float through space as a banana and navigate puzzle-themed levels in your own way. This is a difficult experience as you are on an intense mission to undo a terrifying experience that turned you into a banana. Solve the puzzles, float through space and become human again.

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You play as a scientist who has been turned into a banana. Navigate a space station as you progress through multiple levels to undo this strange effect.

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Spin, jump, fight and move with just the controls of a banana. Since bananas are not naturally prone to space, this is a great opportunity to test your skills as a fruit.

The game is designed to be difficult and frustrating, and each level only complicates your current situations. The spaceship is full of various space debris that can make navigating space as a banana a very difficult process.

The game also tries to provoke existential questions and comments that are meant to stimulate thought. While it may not be the end of the world, turning into a banana has several life-changing realities that need to be considered. While you can hear the character’s thoughts in their new form, it should be noted that the banana is actually not speaking /

To make the game even stranger, your character doesn’t remember why they turned into a banana or how it happened. The mission, the environment and everything is seen from a new banana perspective. The only thing the character is sure of is that he wouldn’t be happy if he became a Kiwi

This game plays on the internet love for bananas. Given that My Friend Pedro and many other banana references feed into indie games, it’s not surprising that such a title exists. Now it’s just a matter of reversing the transformation and becoming human again.

This game is suitable for all ages unless you are afraid of bananas.

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International Space Banana is available on steam.

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