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A strange tweet from the U.S. nuclear command account over the weekend was attributed to a very young child accessing their parents’ device

The dangers of working from home were demonstrated last weekend when a cryptic tweet from the US Strategic Command’s Twitter account hit the headlines.

The offensive tweet was “; l ;; gmlxzssaw” and was posted on Sunday. It was visible for 30 minutes before a second tweet was removed.

“Apologises [sic] for any confusion. Please ignore this post, ”read the second post before it was also removed.

Strange tweet

However, the cryptic post of a US nuclear command had been noticed by freelance journalist Mikael Thalen.

Thalen sent a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) to USSTRATCOM asking for the cryptic tweet.

The good news was that the US Strategic Command account had not been hacked but had been exposed to inside action by a very young child.

It appears that the Twitter manager left either his laptop or smartphone open and unattended for this Twitter account.

His young child grabbed his device, started pressing buttons, and unwittingly posted the tweet.

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