The 80s-inspired “Skateboating Game” Wave Break is splashing on the counter this spring


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What would happen if you mix Wave race 64 With Tony Hawks Pro Skater and then added animals wielding violent weapons and thrown them together into an arcade-style arena? You might just get Broken shaft.

It’s really a little bit of everything, despite being described as a “skateboarding game” set in a world inspired by “80s Miami Vice”. Developer Funktronic Labs has now announced that it will be “late” this spring on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Wave Break will be released on PC & Nintendo Switch
Late spring 2021!

-Multiplayer Park Creator

Trailer: https: //


– “WAVE BREAK” (@WaveBreakGame) March 13, 2021

The game allows you to play with friends (via the local split screen game) and online against players from all over the world. The modes include Trick Attack, Deathmatch, and Turf War.

There will also be a campaign mode that features an “episodic plot” with guns, kickflips, and blood money. Oh, and there’s a “fresh synthwave” soundtrack that backs it all up. How does this game look like? Tell us below.

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