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A new phone is one of the most important purchases you will make. You probably use it more times a day than any other device, so be sure to pick one that is spot on. It’s easy to spend hours searching the internet for the best deals, but we did the job for you. We’ve rounded up some of the best phone deals available to save you time and money.

We’re mostly sticking to unlocked offers for now, but we’ve brought in some of the best carrier deals as well. We have also taken note of the international devices, but we should check them carefully before purchasing.

Special Deals: Save up to $ 500 on the Galaxy Note 20 range

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Woot Deal

In 2020, AA readers voted the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the best overall phone of the year. It and the Note 20 would always be up there as the flagships of the powerhouse, with the biggest question being whether they deserved the staggering retail prices. Well, Woot puts them in the realm of much more budgets today with the biggest drop in prices yet.

Both models are available starting today. The Note 20 is available for just $ 599.99 ($ ​​400 off) and the Note 20 Ultra for $ 799.99 ($ ​​500 off). They are brand new and fully unlocked.

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These high-end phones offer S-Pen, flagship power supplies, IP68 water / dust resistance, and wireless charging capabilities. The Note 20 Ultra also offers some features that are missing in the standard Note 20, such as a 108-megapixel main camera, a 5x periscope lens for remote zoom, a refresh rate of 120 Hz with a QHD + screen and microSD support.

We have never seen these phones cheaper. So don’t expect inventory to last the whole day the promotion is running. Check out the deals while you can from the link below.

$ 599 .99

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

to save 400 dollars .00

Buy It Now

to save 400 dollars .00 $ 599 .99

The best phone offers:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Deals
  2. Google Pixel Offers
  3. LG offers
  4. OnePlus offers
  5. Motorola Deals
  6. Obsolete offers

All of these deals were live at the time of writing. We’ll do our best to keep you updated with the latest savings as soon as we find them. We only used eBay listings from top sellers.

1. Samsung Galaxy Deals

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, the Samsung Galaxy S21, Note 20, and Z Flip have some of the best specs you can find. Check out all of the top Samsung options below:

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If you’re on a slightly tighter budget, you can also check out the Galaxy A series:

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2. Google Pixel Offers

If you want a truly updated Android experience, Google Pixel is the way to go. In addition to the share experience, the Pixel family consistently has one of the best cameras on a smartphone thanks to Google software.

Here are some of the best phone deals for Pixel:

Are you looking for more Pixel offers? Check out our guide to Pixel Deals

3. LG Phone Deals

If Samsung and Google aren’t quite your thing, you might be interested in some of the latest offerings from LG. LG offers two main phones: the G-series and the amplified V-series. LG also offers a unique dual screen option that can be used to convert some of its phones into folding options.

The LG V60 was on the market last year, which means big savings can be made on the previous models. Here are some of the best deals on LG phones:

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4. OnePlus Deals

The next option for some big savings on today’s list is OnePlus. While the prices for OnePlus phones have increased in recent years, the introduction of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro means you can now save big bucks on older models like the OnePlus 7T and 7 Pro.

Here are some of the best OnePlus deals out there right now.

If you’re a student about to start class, OnePlus has an extra promotion that runs just for you. Students can get a 10% discount on any OnePlus 8 series with free OnePlus Buds used as an added bonus. Just follow this link to find out how.

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5. Deals on Motorola Phones

Motorola caters to all budgets and currently has a variety of its most popular phones as well. Check out the top deals below.

Check out the Motorola website for more great deals on smartphones.

6. Other telephone offers

TCL 10 5G UW stern pattern

Recognition: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

We can’t give each manufacturer their own section, but that doesn’t mean the deals have to stop. Here are some of the best deals we can find on phones outside of the top OEMs that are US compatible. Some of your options include TCL, Nokia, and Sony. These offers change frequently, so act quickly.

7. Obsolete telephone offers

Samsung Galaxy S10 versus Mate 20 Pro versus Google Pixel 3 best mobile phone deals

Some of the best phone deals you can find are in the renovated market. There are numerous websites devoted to buying, recertifying, and selling used equipment at great prices.

One such option is Dailysteals. Dailysteals isn’t entirely a cell phone website, although it has a wide variety of products from the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the Google Pixel 3.

Decluttr is another website to look for renovation savings. Covering all the technical aspects, Decluttr is a great option to both buy refurbished phones and sell your old ones.

Here are more renewed or refurbished phone options:

And there you go, the best phone deals currently available. All offers were live at the time of writing, but we’ll make sure the list is updated as soon as we find new offers. If you’re looking for the absolute best savings, you might be luckier with a carrier-locked option from one of these hubs:

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