Looks like Fortnite is getting alien skins



As you may know by now, Epic Games is in the process of crossing Fortnite with other popular pop culture units. Lately we’ve seen numbers of the Terminator, Predator, and Street Fighter getting on the battle bus to ask the age-old question, “Where are we falling?” Next, however, it looks like Xenomorph and Ripley from the Alien franchise will be joining us.

Epic recently waved its tongues when it posted a teaser on its Twitter account referring to the recording. As is tradition at this point, players then stumbled upon a portal on the map that teases them further, with Xenomorph’s screeching audible. People had a solid idea that the next crossover at this point was going to have an alien theme, but someone took a step further with a dataming point and yes, it’s Xenomorph and Ridley.

It probably won’t be long before Epic confirms it, but you can enjoy some other stuff that players have unearthed in the meantime. My personal favorite is a hint that he could be the next of Peter Guy, the famous Family Guy, to get on the battle bus. It seems pretty wild, but that’s Fortnite.

Anyway, here’s a look at these datamined Xenomorph and Ridley skins:


(via @ Altynbek788) pic.twitter.com/SbkEI5shzv

– ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks (@ShiinaBR) February 25, 2021

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