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Bitcoin’s history is full of interesting facts. Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world. Interestingly, an experienced miner made an interesting decision. This miner transferred 100 BTC from two wallets that had been dormant for more than a decade.

It’s worth noting that the addresses have not seen any activity since receiving a 50 BTC Coinbase reward almost 11 years ago, with the exception of two inbound transactions worth only 0.00000547 BTC each in the past six months sent to the wallets.

Interestingly, the February 25 transaction combined the two mining address outputs so that both addresses belong to the same owner.

People should keep in mind that Bitcoin is currently trading for $ 49,800, which is a total of nearly $ 5 million.

Bitcoin and interesting facts

Bitcoins from before the GPU move very rarely. Such cases have only occurred a dozen times in the past few years. This fact once again underlines the unique history of the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

A wallet that belongs to a German peer-to-peer exchange received from the coins. At the moment the remaining coins are in a newly created legacy address.

Interestingly, the coins mined in blocks 60365 and 60385 probably do not belong to Satoshi Nakamoto.

As mentioned above, the movement of coins from the 2010 era is an unusual occurrence. Researchers have so far identified only 18 transactions with BTC with entries from July 2010 or earlier in 2021. What is important is that in the last year, more precisely in May, someone sent 50 Bitcoin to two different wallets.

As a result, for the first time in 11 years, someone moved some of the earliest bitcoin mined. In addition, a BTC address with coins mined in February 2009 has split its entire holdings across two different wallets. However, it is highly unlikely that Satoshi himself postponed 50 BTC for various reasons. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like these coins match the Patoshi pattern.

It’s worth noting that bitcoin whales are on the move after the world’s largest cryptocurrency made significant gains in recent months. The massive demand from institutional investors brought the number of BTC whale addresses to a record high. As a reminder, 1,000-10,000 BTC bitcoin wallets rose 14.18% between March 12, 2020 and February 5, 2021, due to massive buildup by large institutions. It is not surprising that many institutions are ready to invest in the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

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