The 16-bit platform Super Catboy will start immediately in autumn 2021 for PC with a pre-alpha demo


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Publisher Assemble Entertainment and the two-person development team Pixelpogo have announced their next project. Next year, the companies are jointly releasing the action platform game Super Catboy for PC and Mac.

Super Catboy plays a cat who is accompanied by a “crazy but cute buddy companion”. Catboy is on a quest to dismantle his creator’s plans so that he can do what he likes best: nothing. To do this, however, the threat posed by scary anthropomorphic dogs must be eliminated.

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A short announcement trailer, about a minute long, shows off some of the illustrations and gameplay. The game features high-bit pixel art that mimics the 90s style but has a modern twist.

In the game, players run and collect coins, jump over boxes and shoot barrels to make them explode. Catboy also has additional helpful cats, e.g. B. Using his claws to hold onto trees to avoid pitfalls and more.

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Super Catboy was inspired by the golden era of 16-bit platformer in the 1990s, cat videos, and intense action shooter games. At the same time, the game contains graphics and game mechanics that modern gamers are used to.

Arthur Eckmann, co-founder of Pixelpogo, commented on Super Catboy with the following words:

Super Catboy combines elements of various platformer, run’n’gun and beat’em up games, but offers a unique variety with bonus levels that offer an alternative play style. We were inspired by iconic games like Mega Man X, Metal Slug, Donkey Kong Country and the like that have shaped today’s game designers.

Those who want to try the game can check out the pre-alpha demo on the game’s official website. The demo requires a download, but not Steam. The content of the demo may vary significantly from the final release of the game, but it does offer players an introduction to the title.

The title currently supports nine languages. This includes English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and more. Many around the world will have the opportunity to play the game when it launches next year.

Super Catboy still has a few months in development. Those who want to keep up with the latest news can now wishlist the game on Steam or follow the developer on social media. The publisher also has an official Discord server where the community can discuss the game or any of its other titles.

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Super Catboy launches on PC and Mac in fall 2021.

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