Minecraft Grimstone is dead, long live Minecraft Deepslate



The latest Minecraft snapshot is here, eliminating the grimstone that was added just last week. Now we have Deepslate, what … well, it’s just Grimstone by a different name. The new snapshot changes some changes to how the stone type works, and refines the improvements to cave creation and ore distribution made in the last few snapshots.

If you overlooked the details the first time around, Deepslate is a new, slightly harder type of stone that replaces standard stone in the new depths introduced in Caves and Cliffs. This snapshot gives Deepslate a new top texture and gives you a separate block called the Cobbled Deepslate from the quarrying of the stone. There are now also correct deesplate ore variants.

You can check out all the details about this snapshot on the official website, but the bigger benefit here is that the creation of caves and distribution of ore is still in flux. This update makes the new caves a little bigger again and you will now find large cracks in the earth that lead deep underground. (Don’t fall in.)

As always, all of this can change until the correct Minecraft 1.17 release date when all new features from Caves and Cliffs are implemented.

You can check out the video above for a closer look at the contents of this snapshot.

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