Viola Davis has an absolutely charming love story that you should know about


Annalize Keating got away with a lot. Very much. But ultimately, How to Get Away With Murder’s Cutthroat Attorney and Professor of Criminal Law was after something like what most of us are looking for.

“I love the idea that she’s just looking for love and intimacy and whoever is going to give it to her.” Viola Davis said E! News about the character she lived in from 2014 until the end of the ABC series’ Six Seasons Run last May. “I love that it doesn’t come from a place of harm and get screwed up because I don’t think it’s screwed up. I think it’s an interesting, liberating thought just to find the person who is looking for you.”

Fortunately for Davis, their real happy ending is already over.

Although the Oscar winner has little in common with her famous character (“She’s chaotic, almost sociopathic, sexual, mysterious, highly intelligent, a great personality. She’s all those adjectives that aren’t associated with me,” she agreed in 2019 People) was once a love life in almost constant upheaval.

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