LG instructs the display provider BOE to discontinue the rollable phone project


LG was optimistic about the outlook for rollable phones earlier this year, but it’s unlikely to make its official debut. Yonhap News now reports that the company has allegedly told display supplier BOE and other suppliers to put the development of the rollable phone on hold. This puts the rollable phone’s launch into further doubt.

The latest report also comes after suggestions that LG doesn’t have a specific launch plan for the device. It also comes after news that LG Electronics could outsource its entire cell phone business.

LG’s rollable phone is originally slated to hit the market in March 2021. The phone is part of LG’s Explorer project – a smartphone portfolio of novel form factors. Part of that project is the LG Wing, a device that suggested the old, brave LG of the past would return.

In contrast to the Crazy Wing, the rollable phone concept seems like a practical solution for providing larger displays to users when needed. The design seems to have all of the advantages of the folding display with fewer disadvantages.

As demonstrated at CES 2021, the rollable phone in standard mode is the shape and size of a traditional device. However, if the user needs more screen, the display will show a form factor almost the size of a tablet. This means that the device can keep a relatively thin frame, while the display itself does not have any unsightly creases.

If LG won’t boot its rollable phone, it’s not cowardice. The LG Wing is unlike any other device currently available and is likely to be a bigger risk than a rollable phone. In particular, Oppo and Samsung Display are also working on rollable phones, which suggests that the form factor has some value.

For LG, dropping its rollable phone project may be a financial decision, but it could be the device that will give LG the all-important breakthrough it needs.

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