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Unbiased opinions are valuable when buying an important item like a mattress. Finding the right place to get honest mattress reviews is no easy task. There are several reputable and trustworthy websites that provide people with independent and reliable reviews. Learning more about these places can help you make the right purchase.

Why is it important to get reviews?

An ordinary person sleeps at least eight hours a day. He spends almost 3,000 hours in bed this way every year. Most people want their mattress to last longer, around ten years. So that’s roughly 30,000 hours on a mattress.

When you have to spend this long on a mattress, finding the most comfortable and durable one for your needs is very important. Spending a few hours checking reviews really is a worthwhile investment in your new bed.

One of the very intimidating aspects of mattress reviews for many buyers is determining whether or not mattress reviews are legitimate. In fact, some websites consider them to be misleading. Not all mattress reviews are created equal. It is important that you understand the differences before relying on any website.

Third Party Websites

Any third party magazines and websites that do not have a direct link with mattress sellers but provide information and news to consumers can prove to be a useful resource. These sources usually carry out several tests and analyzes that are intended to enable an unbiased comparison. It is also important to review any possible bias and what types of reviews or tests were done to get the results.

Consumer reports maintain their independence by acting as a non-profit and restrictive commercial advertisement. They are a well-known product testing magazine that tests different mattresses every year. They publish basic details to the public with additional testing information and ratings for paying subscribers.

A third-party certifier also ensures that the people posting the reviews are real customers who have brought and used a mattress themselves. You won’t find any testimonials from paid reviewers or bots here.

There are several third-party review websites that have grown in popularity over the past few years as a trusted source for mattress reviews. The editors search independent review sources and forums for information on mattresses and present their data on various aspects, including mattress performance and satisfaction. While the writing is unbiased, they make money on mattresses bought through Amazon affiliate links.

Check websites

There are several review rating websites that encourage people to post reviews on brands and mattresses in a neutral, third-party environment. The main points to keep in mind when viewing the mattress review websites are their guidelines and any possible reasons for bias. Some websites also allow companies to hand-select or influence reviews for a fee.

Most legitimate review sites are the ones that publicly describe their policies for both businesses and reviewers. They prevent retailers from randomly removing reviews from the website. They have built-in systems to identify counterfeit verification systems.


Blogs are another useful resource that can give you real mattress reviews. It is the best option for people who are looking for an expanded opinion. Instead of a quick look back, blogs usually offer detailed opinions on the entire buying process and the mattress.

This gives the buyers a lot of detail and gives them enough information. If you have any questions, many of them can also be reached through comments, which is not possible with a traditional review website.

To find the best mattress, look for blogs that focus solely on eco-friendly lifestyles, home decor, family issues, motherhood, and other similar topics that provide concise and useful mattress reviews.

Many of the reputable bloggers are given free beds to give their review on. You must openly disclose whether a mattress was sold or bought. Professional bloggers make a concerted effort to deliver honest reviews regardless of how the beds were brought up. This will help maintain the trust of their website’s readers.

When reading blog reviews, it is important to pay attention to any statements or disclaimer sections, go through their opinions, and properly review the comments. It can also be useful to check out other posts on their website to learn more about their style and any form of possible prejudice.

Brand or dealer websites

Another important source of mattress reviews are the stores and brands that sell mattresses. Most websites allow customers to leave feedback and ratings on products to provide valuable insights to other buyers. While some mattress stores only exchange hand-picked testimonials, others offer an honest and open rating system.

A great sign of honest reviews is the use of third party verification, which implies that the brand’s reviews are tailored to the actual customers. People who leave reviews on these websites are verified by a third party. This helps prevent spam reviews and provides the most honest and accurate reviews of mattresses.

Websites, where readers can sort mattress reviews and view collective pros and cons, can also be helpful for finding out relevant opinions and trends in the marketplace.

Social media

Social media has gained a great deal of trust and popularity as the source of legitimate reviews and opinions. Some of the social media websites that users access most often are Twitter and Facebook. They have been rated as the most useful website in this regard.

You can search for the type of brand or mattress you’re considering to see if someone mentioned it. You can even post a question on your network to see if someone has good recommendations.

Visiting retailers and brands’ Twitter and Facebook pages can also prove to be a great way to see reviews, get a picture of the company, and ask questions to find out about promotions.

Useful tips for reading and comparing reviews

Here are some tips to help you evaluate your mattress reviews:

The longer a reviewer has owned a mattress, the more important their opinion is about long-term durability and comfort. Check the reviews of those who have been using this mattress for a while.

  • Read both the good and the bad

Not a single mattress makes a person 100% happy. It is important to find out what people like and dislike about a mattress to see if it is perfect for your preferences and needs. Try to balance the pros and cons. Look for consistent trends in the mattress market.

  • Find out what’s important to you

Think of the must-haves or biggest worries in your next mattress. Whether it’s softness, back pain, durability, or overheating, you need to look for reviewers who will share your concerns and read about your experience. This will definitely help you get the right information in less time.

  • Compare averages and trends

When comparing different beds you need to look at the average rating. Find out what percentage of the ratings determine a mattress weakness such as excessive sagging, back pain, durability issues, overheating, and other issues. Can you find out if the positives outweigh the negatives?

If so, the mattress can be considered for your purchase. It is best to look at objective information and consistent trends as individuals can vary widely based on personal ideas about the firmness and comfort of the mattress.

  • Always go for verified reviews

To save your valuable time, it is always recommended to only visit authentic and popular websites that are known to provide trusted reviews from verified buyers. For example, Newsweek.com is one of the most trusted blogs where you can get all the information you need about sleep, the best mattresses, and other sleeping accessories.


Most of us tend to check reviews on items like electronics and applications before purchasing your next mattress. This prevents us from being disappointed or wasting our money on wrong purchases. Reviews are very important for a new mattress because you will be using it a lot and spending a lot of money on it. The next time you’re looking to buy a mattress, don’t forget to check out the helpful sources listed in this article.

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