Intel gives its enthusiastic Rocket Lake SKU a unique new sales box


Rumor mill: New retail packaging for Intel’s 11th generation Rocket Lake CPUs was discovered in the wild and stands out from previous iterations. The hard plastic boxes have a strange shape that stands out on the shelves. Intel is likely to hope that the hype around a generation of chips they need to be successful will increase.

Intel Rocket Lake CPUs are slated to hit the market next month. A new leak from VideoCardz has revealed the packaging we can expect with the top notch Core i9 chips. Based on the leaked images, the new packaging is made entirely, or at least mostly, of hard plastic with opaque deep Intel blue on the front and back and translucent baby blue windows on the sides. The box looks like four trapezoids stacked front to back for a look that should stand out from the crowd.

Intel’s 10th generation packaging contained a small acrylic window and was reminiscent of the rectangular box design of the 8th generation and earlier. This new box is more in line with the standout attitude that shaped the design of the i9-9900k two years ago.

According to the leak, the i9-11900KF will apparently get the usual cube-shaped treatment, so the hard plastic box, which invariably serves as a wall hanging for many tech geeks, is reserved for the most enthusiastic buyers only.

Rocket Lake will be another version on the 14nm process node that has been backported from the new Sunny Cove architecture. This means there will be a number of improvements and a peak boost of up to 5.3 GHz. That said, the core count of these cards seems to lag behind what AMD is currently offering, and Intel will need Rocket Lake to be successful in fixing its process node issues.

This new packaging will either celebrate a quick new chip or try to generate some interest (remember the Marvel-themed Intel packaging?) In a company under duress.

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