The bosses of Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne DLCs fight each other in a new mod



A new mod for Dark Souls 3 turns the last boss of the last DLC of the game against the last DLC boss of the other FromSoftware title Blood transferred. FromSoftware has built a reputation for challenging bosses over the past decade and appears to be continuing that trend with the upcoming Elden Ring, which fans have been eagerly awaiting for some time after its first reveal at E3 2019. A more in-depth trailer released at Summer Games Fest earlier this year revealed many of the hallmarks fans have come to expect from the upcoming title.

Another unique aspect that FromSoftware titles have cultivated over the years is a dedicated modding community that is still posting content for rates that go as far back as the original Dark Souls. As with other communities, the mods cover a wide range of changes and additions, including one that brings sports to Dark Souls 3. Thanks to the work of the modding community, a fan was recently able to answer a unique question: who is the ultimate? Final DLC boss?

YouTuber Garden of Eyes started his channel in late 2020 with a focus on pitting Bloodborne bosses against each other. Since then, however, that goal has expanded to other FromSoftware titles, and in their latest fight, Dark Souls 3 Slave Knight Gael from the DLC “The Ringed City” take on Bloodborne’s Orphan of Kos from “The Old Hunters”. The video consists of three fights between the two bosses and shows an updated version of Orphan of Kos from a mod called “Call of the Abyss”. Each fight takes place in a different boss arena from Dark Souls 3. Despite a victory in round one, the orphan of Kos loses in the following two rounds against the slave knight Gael, which culminates in a head-to-head race in the final.

Watch here how Slave Knight Gael and the orphan of Kos fight on YouTube.

Boss versus boss battles aren’t the only Garden of Eyes posts from FromSoftware content. Sometimes there are NPCs or notoriously difficult mini-bosses in the battles who take on the actual bosses as well as each other. The channel also features some unique FromSoftware mods like a Bloodborne ego camera mod. It shows how much creativity can be found in the game industry, even in the player base of such a brutally difficult franchise as Dark Souls.

There is an undeniable attraction to watching Dark souls and Blood transferred Bosses brutally beating each other instead of a helpless player. It comes from a collective battle that every player of From Software’s games had at some point, especially when going through these titles for the first time. It also helps that the bosses are imposing figures themselves and make for exciting opponents when they face off against each other. Elden Ring is likely to add more notable bosses that not only make seasoned gamers feel at home, but also bring a new breed of gamers who have not yet embraced the FromSoftware experience. Until then, however, players can keep fighting the previous one and, if things get too difficult, watch Gael and the orphan clap each other for a change.

Source: Garden of Eyes / YouTube

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