Eric Trump again claims “The Dumb One” by threatening to sue on Burner charges



Eric Trump is unhappy and because Eric is a Trump he sues when he’s unhappy. Because that’s how you find happiness.

Yesterday, Rolling Stone published the story that shook the nation, claiming that the organizers of the rally on Jan.

The three sources say Kylie Kremer picked up and used one of the phones Communicate with senior White House and Trump campaign officials, including Eric Trump, the president’s second eldest son, who runs the family’s real estate business; Lara Trump, Eric’s wife and a former senior election advisor to Trump; Mark Meadows, former White House Chief of Staff; and Katrina Pierson, a Trump deputy and campaign advisor.

Eric has always been known as the fool, which is a stunning feat that should not be lightly adopted or distributed without clear evidence that stands out from the crowd. But Eric is doing his best to claim the title by threatening to sue Rolling Stone for defamation.

Really stupid idea. The smart move would be to just publish a statement; “I have no idea why anyone would want a ‘burner phone’ to talk to me about the rally. I took the calls and would have taken the calls from any phone. I did nothing wrong.”

Instead, Eric Trump decided to reassure us that if the calls were to be accepted, it would surely mean that he did something wrong:

Well, here is one outlet I can sue for libel. That will be fun. I’m an incredibly honest, clean guy – unlike Hunter, no drugs, healthy lifestyle, not the “burner phone” type… Tweet saved… @palmerreport

– Eric Trump (@EricTrump) November 25, 2021

History did not claim that you bought a “burner phone” and why would you claim to be contacting them by denying that you are the “burner type” if you were on the wrong side , You stupid ffff … Unless you, too, used a burner phone to answer. Are you stupid enough to tell us, Eric? When it wasn’t even in history?

The only thing the Rolling Stone sources knew was that they should buy burner phones to call these people. Presumably they could not and could not have known how the calls would be answered and which phone would be used.

Eric, if you’ve ever sued what you’re not going to defend yourself from, what charge are you defending yourself from? Or were you stupid enough to blame yourself?

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