KTC and PUFFY tokens are in the spotlight – market wrap


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KTC and PUFFY tokens are in the spotlight – market wrap

KTC is the native utility token of the Karatcoin platform. This token and the project behind it are very interesting. They provide great opportunities for crypto users. There are so many new protocols in defibrillation that it is hard to know which one is a good investment. However, Karatcoin proves to be noteworthy.

Seasoned investors know they are wary of market volatility. It often results in people losing enormous sums of money. For this reason, whenever there is any indication that their riskier investments may end in the red, traders rush to invest safely. While the same goes for cryptos, some digital currencies are more secure than others. KTC is one of them. This token is associated with gold and silver, both of which are known as one of the safest commodities in the world. You can always rely on gold, the world’s oldest trading currency.

In addition, the project has a well-crafted roadmap and aims to provide solutions to several problems that are currently plaguing market participants. The first is the acquisition of gold. The latter has been the currency of choice due to its proven history of protecting against inflation over the centuries.

Today, however, the global gold market is one-sided, which makes gold a scarce commodity for investors as well. Individual miners and small gold mines around the world are struggling to sell it outside the confines of their territories. As a result, the demand for gold is high while the supply remains low.

The second problem is that the value of centralized gold market bonds has seen a downward pattern. It currently bears a low interest rate of just 1.6% per year.

What are the other problems that the Karatcoin Project is facing?

So far, investors and traders have no established way of making direct contact with gold miners. They often rely on intermediaries to purchase gemstones or metals. This means that the middlemen can manipulate the gold price to their advantage. Even if investors manage to overcome these hurdles and buy precious metals, they still need to store and protect their new investments, which is also a challenge. Finding the right storage and protection for your gold is very difficult.

Given all of these issues, Karatcoin has come up with several solutions to help investors. The company will offer various services. For example, it will connect gold mines directly to investors, eliminating the middlemen. It has already reached a landmark agreement with a major European refinery to mint their mined gold and store it in their vaults in Singapore and Switzerland.

If this scheme works, karatcoin will inevitably become an integral part of the European and Asian economies. Having both gold mines and vaults is a huge milestone and should guarantee every investor. The team has also committed to gold mines in South America and Africa. All of this will increase the global supply of gold, which in turn will lead to an increase in the value of the karatcoin.

The team is also planning to issue a bond in the form of gold asset certificates. Such bonds will yield between 5 and 6%. The company pays its investors a return every six months until maturity.

How will the team conduct transactions between the platform and the investors?

By using smart contracts, the company will seamlessly process transactions with its customers. Thanks to these smart contracts, users can exchange money, stocks, property, or anything else of value. In addition, they will do so in a transparent and seamless way, while avoiding the services of intermediaries. Users can also automate the transactions on the platform. The team also mentioned that Karatcoin would offer its eligible members a decentralized loan product. The company has tailored Karatcoin Loan (KCL) to meet customer needs.

Karatcoin also plans to add gold assets and certificates to the Ethereum blockchain. The team will develop Karatcoin’s blockchain on the EOS technology. This software provides authentication, accounts, asynchronous communication, databases, and application scheduling across multiple CPU cores. That means the platform will have a scaling capacity of millions of transactions per second. The Karatcoin team promises that their platform is faster and more secure than other blockchains like Bitcoin.

What about the other features of Karatcoin?

KTC and PUFFY tokens are in the spotlight - market wrapIn addition to the features already discussed, the company will offer its own DApp. It has already created several versions for desktop, Windows and Mac. The team will soon be releasing mobile versions for Android and IOS.

There’s also Karatcoin’s Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism (DPoS) that the company uses. It’s the fastest, most decentralized, most efficient, and most flexible consensus available. It also enables transactions to be reliably confirmed every 10 seconds.

The company’s KTC token is an ERC20 type. It’s already in the spotlight and its value is likely to increase over time.

What about puffy finance?

Puffy Finance’s token is also trending. It is a decentralized trading platform that provides AMM and liquidity for defi-income farms. Its customers will be able to enjoy huge returns and APYs along with raffles, lottery, and other benefits. The company also offers interesting features. Customers can farm LP tokens and earn $ PUFFY, $ MATIC and other assets listed. In addition, Puffy Finance’s launchpad helps raise funds for Play-to-Earn and Metaverse projects.

The company launched its native utility token PUFFY on November 21, 2021. Presale ends on December 12, 2021. The token price is USD 0.095 per PUFFY during the Initial Coin Offering. The total supply of PUFFY tokens is 50,000,000, but only a certain percentage will be available in the initial phase.

The team plans to bring the next generation Defi to 0xPolygon. It will leverage the scalability and performance of Polygon as well as Binance Smart Chain and other Ethereum EVM compatible platforms.

In addition, its domestic coin is deflationary. The token burn mechanism continues to reduce the available PUFFY tokens. As supply decreases and demand increases, the value and price will also increase, bringing more profit to token holders. The company also created the PUFFY NFT Marketplace. According to the team, the latter is the most advanced NFT marketplace to date.

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